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2021 Neighborhood Council Elections
Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates

Sunday May 2, 2021

Get to know the 2021 GTLNC board candidates!
PLUS learn about this year's NEW Vote-by-Mail process,
how to request a ballot, and your options to return your ballot

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Meet the Candidates

Tracey L. Adlai

Robyn Allyn

Reynold M. Blight

Kevin Dees

Paige Cram Fakhraie

Nick Baker

Colby Jensen

Timothy W.P. Davis

Arthur Wypchlak

Shawn Besharaty

Laura Kantor

Katherine Hatton

Tess Taylor

Mike Donatelli

Matt Kamin

Brandt Goodman

Murphy Moore III

Susanne K Hayes

Carmela Artmont

Lee Jamieson

Fred Iberri

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Toluca Woods, Toluca Terrace, West Toluca Lake and Toluca Lake

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