Terms & Conditions

Registration & Requirements

Please select a program that fits your needs, fill out our registration form, and accept our Terms & Conditions to complete your registration.
A nonrefundable $75.00 registration fee is required to complete your registration. Your registration fee will be applied to your first lesson
payment. You must be at least 18 years of age to use this website; by using this website and agreeing to the terms and conditions, it is
expressly implied that you are at least 18 years of age.

Lesson Duration & Services:

Each lesson consists of two hours and starts when the instructor arrives for pick up. This two hour lesson consists of on road driving along
with consultation before, during and after the lesson. We especially enjoy briefing and debriefing before and after the lesson with the
parents in person of our teen students. This keeps us all connected to achieve mutual goals and objectives and getting to know one
another. Caplan’s can pick up and drop off at home, school, or work, with parental consent and acknowledgment.

Valid Learner’s Permit:

Caplan’s will not be able to conduct any lessons without the student possessing their valid, physical permit while lessoning. If the student
does not have their permit on them, or it is expired, the lesson will not be conducted and a full lesson fee will be charged to the customer
account. We do ask for the student’s diligence to manage and maintain possession of their permit. If the student’s permit is accidently left
in one of our training vehicles, we will gladly mail it back to you. It will not be the instructor’s responsibility to drive the permit back to the

Cancellation & Fee Policy:

We ask for your best courtesy and foresight relative to any rescheduling or cancellation. Caplan’s asks that you provide a minimum of 48
hours to formally cancel or reschedule any lessons. Cancellations need to be documented via email at caplansde@gmail.com or by
leaving a voice mail at 484-392-7240. We understand that illness and unforeseen events come up at a moment’s notice which we are truly
empathetic to. That said, Caplan’s reserves the right to assess a full lesson or late fee to your account based on some of the various
scenarios below. Thank you in advance from Caplan’s.

Cancellation Cause Fee Schedule
No Physical Permit at time of lesson Full lesson fee based on package
Invalid/Expired Permit at time of lesson Full lesson fee based on package
Same Day Cancellation $75.00
Student No Show at the time of lesson ( 15 minute max wait time) Full lesson fee based on package
Subjective DUI* Full lesson fee based on package
Cancellation or rescheduling with less than 48 hrs Notice * One Grace lesson will beafforded within 48 hrs. We understand thatsometimes things just come up unexpectedly. $75.00

*If at any time an instructor feels that a student is under the influence of any kind, based on alcohol use, illegal substance,
prescription or nonprescription medications, a lesson will be stopped immediately. The student will be driven back home by the
instructor and a nonrefundable, full lesson fee will be assessed to the customer account.

Exam Day Services:

Let us help you control your nerves and inspire you the most when it counts. Caplan’s can do all of your exam scheduling through a
Penndot DMV or help you prepare, for your road exam at a state approved third party testing site. Your instructor/coach will pick you up an
hour and a half in advance of your exam, practice your parallel parking and driving, and you will take the test in our training vehicle.
Currently, Penndot exam scheduling is running around 3-4 months in advance, so please sign up (link in page-action/buy- HOT LINK) for
our awesome pretest practice and exam day service. Pease contact Amanda, Marc or your respective instructor for further guidance at
484-392-7240 or email at caplansde@gmail.com.

Payment & Billing:

Packages and Programs: Our objective is to partner with our student and to get to know them during their training process. By buying a
package, we are committing to each other to learn and train together. Your nonrefundable $50.00 registration fee is required to register.
Payment for your total package will be invoiced and due at the time of your first lesson. Packages are nonrefundable
Individual Lessons/Pay As You Go: If you are choosing a pay as you go lesson format, than Caplan’s will a credit card for payment
processing. Your card will be debited at the time of each lesson.

Certificate of Completion:

After successful completion of each program, or a minimum of three individual two hour lessons, you will receive a Certificate of
Completion stating that you have completed a minimum of six hours “On Road” professional driver training. This certificate will be eligible
for a potential insurance discount provided your carrier offers it. Insurance discounts are carrier dependent; please check with your
respective insurance carrier for specifics.
So let’s partner in learning the rules of the road together. We hope that we have shared the basics and we look forward to opportunity to
work together and to learning the Golden Rule of driving. “To drive around others the same way you want them to drive around you”